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David is a Product Development Executive and Founder of

Policing Humor

Neighbors hope she learns a lesson

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

Naturally Selection Humor

E-Bike is a gateway drug

Photo — courtesy of Lime

Software Design

Striving for simplicity while ensuring utility

Strider bike — photo courtesy of Strider

Birdbrain Humor

Trash collecting do-gooders are for the birds

Photo by brabus biturbo on Unsplash

Doggone Humor

Brothers catch up during Major’s confinement

Two brothers catching up. Photo Credit: @schultzinit

Hero Worship

Finally understanding the bum pitch

Photo Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Department of False Equivalence

You thought you had it bad with George and me

President Bush and Vice President Cheney back in the day. Photo Credit: National Archives Catalog

Veterinary Health

Foaming at the mouth in exchange with Dr. Fauci

Rep. Jim Jordan yells at Dr. Fauci during a heated exchange. Source: CNN

Electrified Humor

By Elon Musk

Tesla roof under construction — photo by author

Technology Decision-Making

Navigating a complex decision

Photo by Piret Ilver on Unsplash

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